Sunday, July 29, 2007


Well, after saying I was going to do a week of Crackurz strips, something major came up and I had pretty much no time other than to eat, sleep, and do this thing. I've just now gotten to a place I'm comfortable with this other thing so that I can at least post. Basically, it comes down to a writing job that opened up and needed done quickly. Very quickly. And it involved research, including the tracking down and buying of some DVDs, watching of said DVDs, and of course the writing itself. Luckily I was ahead on the other job I recently started and this just slipped right in. I hope to announce both of these jobs soon, but if you look around really, really hard, there might be a clue to one of them.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Okay, I wanted to do this before but couldn't get the images right. Don't ask. Anyway, here they are, the Crackurz strips that would have been submitted had we finished the 20 or so needed. But DJ's schedule became super busy and we never finished nor submitted them, so I'm going to run the seven of them here for the next seven weekdays. Here's the first one. I call it Alpha Single Unit Strip Prime Monstrosity Mega Mother Day In The Life Of Crackurz Birds Super, which is actually longer than the strip. After these run, I'll probably do the 20 or so Soda Strips which ran at KEVIN SMITH's (big enough?) Movie Poops Shoot when I did content for them. And then there will be more conent, maybe some pages from crackurz comics. I'll decide when I get there. Anyway, ON WITH IT!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Humphree Lee interviewed me and reviewed Death And The Man Who Would Not Die for Ain't It Cool News' comic's column. I can't thank him enough. The interview is cool and revealing, and the review is great. This actually came out a couple weeks ago during my blogging sabatical, but it really deserves its own entry. Seeing my name in the Ain't It Cool news headlines was just another really, really awesome moment in my career. I go there all the time, read the news, reviews, whatever, and it was just super geek-out mode seeing that . Some days I just really feel lucky: getting to add a story to the Angel universe, getting e-mails from people I've admired, seeing a book I wrote in a store thousands of miles away from your house, and things like this. So, insightful interview, great review, and preview pages. Head on over to AICN. Here's a snippet.

And speaking of the narrative, the tone in THE MAN WHO WOULD NOT DIE is very appropriate. Very gritty and aggressive, you can almost hear the captions and dialogue being spoken to you through clenched teeth. It plays along very nice with the pacing of the story as it unfolds and puts you at home with the setting given you're familiar with these types of stories to begin with.

New Dillinger Review From Amish Otaku

Great, great Dillinger review from Andrew over at Amish Otaku. He picked it up in Philly. I've known Andrew for some time, even did some content for one of his other websites. Everyone should check the site out. Starting with the Dillinger review of course. Again, I'm going to archive all the reviews soon, as well as break some big news. Though I can't say anything yet. *cough* writing regular series *cough*. And here's a snippet from the new review.
"Death Comes to Dillinger is a great book. It’s a great-looking book. It’s got a great story. It’s got moments of fantastic dialogue, and it even has some iconic images that just capture your attention and stay with you."

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shoot me in the head. I need to update more.

Seriously. A lot's happened since the last update. Death And The Man Who Would Not Die came out to some pretty stellar reviews. I'll post links to all of them here shortly. For now though, I just wanted to get my feet wet and get back into the swing of things. And stay tuned, 'cause there's a big news coming, a bunch of it. Here's the latest review to get things started. It's from Nathan Meunier at Randomville Comics. He gives it it 41/2 "R"s out of 5. Read it Here. And here's a snippet.

James Patrick’s gripping story just starts to fire up as the first installment
draws to a close. After reading issue #1 of DMWWND, newcomers will likely be
spurred to pick up a copy of the first series while waiting for the next chapter
to come out. Se7enhead’s artistic style is elegant and jarring at the same time,
as earthy tones blend with washes of reds and yellows. It goes so well with the
subject matter that by the end you half expect to be picking sand out of your
teeth. Or lead for that matter.