Friday, October 19, 2007

TV Dinner Assassinations

So, here's a quick, quick look at a page from TV Dinner Assassinations. I'm not going to say what this one is about yet, but we're going to have a look at a page -- page 6 actually -- but we're going to start from scratch. So where does anything start but with inspiration, right? To get things rolling I searched the internet for some strange pictures that related to images I had in my head so as to inspire me, and one of the ones related to a page you're going to see was this.

So, next we'll have a look at a character design of a character that's going to appear on the page 6 -- all of this done before any page layouts were done but obviously after the first script was finished. I basically sent a couple pages of descriptions of the characters to the artist (Noel Tuazon) and he sent me back some stuff. Basically, all of his first passes at the characters were used. The only I said to Noel on this was to make the glasses bigger.

So we agree on what this character looks like and it's time to lay things, do thumb nails, whatever -- I've heard different artists call different parts of the process different things. I go in, tighten up the script and on a page like this try to give specific shots. I don't do that on all pages, but sometimes there's a specific effect I'm looking for, like on here. And Noel comes back with . . .

They layout is perfect, so I tell Noel, go ahead. Go crazy, and next I get back the finished pencilled and inked page.

Again, the page comes back and it looks great. Time to bring in the colors -- courtesy of JM Ringuet. So JM and I talk, I send him some stuff from the web that might be what I want, and basically, we start to mess around with it. This is the stage we're in now, still tweaking, but here's a look at our attempts.

And there you have your first look at