Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Okay, I wanted to do this before but couldn't get the images right. Don't ask. Anyway, here they are, the Crackurz strips that would have been submitted had we finished the 20 or so needed. But DJ's schedule became super busy and we never finished nor submitted them, so I'm going to run the seven of them here for the next seven weekdays. Here's the first one. I call it Alpha Single Unit Strip Prime Monstrosity Mega Mother Day In The Life Of Crackurz Birds Super, which is actually longer than the strip. After these run, I'll probably do the 20 or so Soda Strips which ran at KEVIN SMITH's (big enough?) Movie Poops Shoot when I did content for them. And then there will be more conent, maybe some pages from crackurz comics. I'll decide when I get there. Anyway, ON WITH IT!


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