Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hero By Night came out last Wednesday. Quietly. The few responses we did get were pretty great, and there was even a mention at CBR and made the Read Pile. Mentions here and there, but not yet the official reviews of Issue 1. Shame. It's a better issue. There's also an interview with me in the back.

We're working on Issue 3 right of HBN right now. Upon seeing it drawn, we realized there was a scene that could have been better, so it was nice to be in the position to rewrite it, redraw it, and and even move it to the front of the issue for impact. It could have stayed, but being able to do this on the fly just makes the issue that much better. I've written six issues of HBN now, I guess one questionable scene isn't too bad :)

I just got a pretty nice job. I can't say what it is, it'd tip off people to something before the official announcment. I'm extremely lucky to have landed it. So there'll be a big announcement from me here pretty soon about it. Big for me, anyway.

Planet of the Dinosaurs in right now at a company who is interested, and there could be an offer soon. It's a really good company. It really only officially went there, and I'm going to hold onto submitting anyone else and see if things work out with them first.

Death is in the last stages. Actually, the Dillinger end of it is beyond it. I'm just waiting for an e-mail and again there will be an announcement.

TV Dinner Assassinations is kicking ass. I'm not in a hurry to publish it yet. While I concentrate on other things, we just keep getting ahead on it. It's one of those things that I feel like I'll publish myself if I have to. I'm considering leaving it black and white. There's just a great vibe to it.

I'm concentrating on the project in paragraph 3 this weekend though, all three of you will see what it is when they announce it :)


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