Thursday, February 07, 2008


* Issue 2 is on the stands next Wednesday, but my comps came today and I'm super proud. It took two issues to get our stride. The issue's a throwdown with a giant fucking monkey. It's unapologetic super hero insanity!

*There will be an issue for Free Comic Book Day

* Issue 4 starts a new arc and will be 99 cents to get the word out. Big event!

* It will be the cover of the Pittsburgh comicon pre-con mailer. That's a lot of fucking copies with its picture on.

* I just heard the issue 2 reorders were relatively large.

* Issue 3 in Previews now.

So if you're bitching there's no fun in comics anymore, pick up DJ Coffman's insane creation (co-written and scripted by me) and try one issue. It's humor, action, mega-super-prime in your face fun.


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