Saturday, December 22, 2007


And they're both pretty great. Big thanks to the awesome artist on Vulcans Josep Maria Beroy for pointing out this first one at fistfullofcomics, and I dug up this podcast at Alternate Reality talking about the book. That latter one is at about 55:30 into the podcast. I really couldn't be happier with the things they say about the book and it makes me happy that so many Trek fans are enjoying the book. And it's great listening to that podcast and hearing people say things about the book that make me believe I communicated exactly what I wanted to communicate with it. These plus the A+ review at trekweb have me smiling.

Strange thing is that this book first came out I thought the reviews and reaction were going to be mixed becasue there was one negative review and one positive review, and the negative reviewer had posted a couple other places. But as these trickle in it's just good review after good review and good fan reaction after more good fan reaction. I've seen a couple places now where people have said something to the effect that "It's the best IDW Star Trek book" or "It's one of the best Star Trek books I've read" and while I try not to take that stuff so seriously it's just really nice to know that -- like I said before -- that Star Trek people are happy with the book. That people are out there enjoying it. It was just damn scary writing this issue with Trek's vocal/awesome fan base.

But then again, who knows, maybe the tide will turn again :)


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