Monday, August 13, 2007


The Star Trek book I'm writing is Star Trek Aliens Spotlight: Vulcans. It's in Previews now, from IDW, page 313, and it ships in October.. That's one of the covers above, which I assume I an show since it's in Previews. There's also a killer Spock cover, but I'm not sure that's game for being seen yet. And yes, there are two more definite announcements coming. One involving DJ Coffman's Hero By Night and the other involving Death.
In Chicago news, the con was awesome. The main reason I went up went better than I could have ever expected. It was rather surreal. And yikes, I drove nine hours Sunday and only stopped for 10 minutes. It was a good time. I hung with my partner in crime DJ Coffman, who hooked me up majorly. he's a superstar at these things now, btw. I also hung with Jason Embry and the rest of the Platinum crew. I got to talk with Chris Ryall, my sometimes boss and the person who gave me my first paycheck in this industry.
That's all for now, have to get busy on . . . . nevermind :)


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