Monday, August 06, 2007

Rewatched Two Comic Movies -- One held up, one didn't.

The first movie I watched was 300. I really, really enjoyed this movie the first time I saw it. Up on the big screen, all its vibrance and sound. But upon a second viewing it didn't hold my attention. I still think it's a good movie, but it doesn't have the layers that make it rewatchable. What you see is what you get with it. Bravo for its visuals and sound, but the performances and dialogue didn't hold well at all.

And then I caught V for Vendetta again. For maybe the sixth or seventh time. And this movie, partially because of the source material, partially because of the amazing performances in it, and partially because of confidence with which this movie was written and directed -- this movie seems to get better everytime I see it. Yes, is strays from the source material, yes it loses a couple points for bullet time knives and rain drops and everyone wearing the masks in the end, but in the end this movie always strikes a cord with me. Especially when Evey is held captive, when the dective talks about his "feeling", when V kills the woman doctor, and every time Hugo speaks. If the cinematography was a little more artsy, and they dropped a couple scenes, the movie could very well have crossed into classic ground for me.

Sidenote, when V was being made, I thought it'd be the worst comic book movie ever made.

Oh, and a note on Chicago. I'll still be attending, but I'm definitely not getting a table. Another rush job has come out, something that needs done by a week from tomorrow. So basically, I'll be attending Chicago for the meetings, then going to my hotel and banging this thing out. Incidetnally, it's almost the first pay work I've ever turned down because of being busy. It's nice, but I completely expect a dry spell to follow this down pour.


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