Sunday, August 26, 2007

BIG NEWS 2 of 3

So, big news two of three is that I'll be cowriting the new Hero By Night Ongoing series from Platinum/Image/Top Cow. (I think all three companies have their logo on it; if I'm wrong, the Image or Top Cow police can come and get me.) So, DJ mentined on his blog about it so I'll just throw it out there as well. This book is SOOOOO much fun. First of all, if you don't know what it is, DJ Coffman (my old partner in crime) over at won the Platinum Comic Book Challenge last year with his Hero By Night idea and got a four-issue limited. Well, critically and fan-wise the book had done great, and now it's getting its own ongoing. Basically, it's about a kid who finds a hidden lair in the basement of a building he runs, and in it is all the old stuff of a super hero from the forties and fifties, Hero By Night, including his ring which can give powers to anyone who wears it. It's old school meets new school unapologetic super hero and pulp fun. The best part of it is that the canvas is HUGE, and within it there are all these things that can be done and we're throwing as much into it as we can. DJ doesn't need a cowriter as anyone who's read the first mini knows, however this is going to take some of the weight off his duties since he pencils and inks it too. The book should play right into some of my strenghts that aren't in Death. Matter of fact, it's the polar opposite of Death, and that means I get to let loose a little with some snappy dialogue and light super hero fun -- though the book will get serious in places. It's also an ongoing, my first, and that means, for as long as they'll have me, I'll be trying out my chops long-term. There will be much more about this later; I just wanted to throw this little tidbit as a start for right now.


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