Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Reaction is starting to trickle in. There's a nice review here from PatBorg. The book gets an A-.

And then there's a negative review here. It's by 8of5, the same person who did the post below, and seems to post a lot of places. He couldn't get beyond one of the setups of the book, though he seems to think that setup is about racism amid starfleet and the early Enterprise rather than it being about Spock's difficult mixture into the crew and them not knowing how to deal with him -- whether it's because he's a vulcan or not.

And my comp copies came from IDW. It was a nice surprise to find all four covers in there. Thanks IDW!


Blogger 8of5 said...

Hi Mr Patrick, just to note my review as not all negative. I didn't feel the xenophobia story fit, but I thought the other plot about the aliens inspired by Spock was pretty great.

Us Trekkies are certainly not united in our opinions, if you look at the reaction to the latest comic, the Andorian Alien Spotlight, you'll see PatBorg went as far as suggesting not even buying it, while I had high praise. Can't win 'em all...

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