Friday, September 28, 2007


Alright. It's not MY series, like the title of this blog implies, but it is my first writing for an ongoing. Hero By Night #1 is in Previews on page 319 Spotlighted and from Platinum. This is of course DJ Coffman's baby. It won the Comic Book Challenge, and now it's an ongoing and I'm co-writing and doing scripting duties for the book. And it's really strange, cool animal to know that as long as they'll have me and as long as the book lasts I can bite me teeth into a book every other month. It's very different from my creator-owned stuff that's a mini series or OGN -- or my work for hire that are one-shots -- in that, well, it's ongoing, and you can succeed, fail, and know there's a new coming out in two months -- that every two months you'll be telling a new adventure -- and how much fun it is to play with the structure and pacing and just plain writing of an ongoing. As for the book itself, it's a blast. It is unapologetically an all-ages super-hero book. It's action and adventure and as much crazy shit as we can throw in there. The canvas on this his huge and we're throwing paint all over it. And the one thing I've tried to do with this book is make it FUN. DJ has all these wonderful ideas and I've arranged them, throw in my parts, and hopefully made a sharp, fun ride with the book. Buy it, read it, give it to your kids, then get the next one. Think Invincible, think Spider-Man, and if you dig those books you'll dig this.

Well, while we're on the subject, I'm going to use this time to update where my other projects are. Soooo, next to come out, scheduled for October is . . .

Star Trek Alien Spotlight Vulcans. Like I said, it should come out in October and it's officially my next book to hit shelves. This was great. I actually took over for Remender on this book and had a crazy dealine and I think I delivered. Writing licenses is cool, you just have to kind of go with the current on it while doing your own thing. I took the best part of what I found in Remender's pitch and I fleshed it out and made it mine; I'm sure I'll hear what the fans of this franchinse think.

So next is

Death And The Man Who Would Not Die Issue 2 is coming. If you're a fan of the book, I'm sorry for the wait, and I can't explain things anymore than to say that some things need to be sorted out. The second issue is done, so once things find their place there will be a huge announcment and it will hit. Please trust me when I say that when this series is over it will be better than Dillinger and (I believe) something really special to read.
Other than that, Planet Of The Dinosaurs and the TV Dinner Assassinations are moving forward. Those are in full-on development right now. I'm perhaps maybe kind of hard to explain dipping my foot into one of the two big sandboxes in the industry, and if anything comes out of it, I'll pass it on. But my foot's in there - I hope they don't kick it out.
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