Saturday, October 07, 2006

Planet of the Dinosaurs!

So, in an effort to keep updating my blog until I get a handle on its "identity", here's a look at a project that's probably going to come out next year and be my other creator-owned book along with Death, The Kansas Killer, And The Man Who Wouldn't Die. It mashes together iconic 50s sci-fi and the polictics of the time. Bubble helmets and laser rifles meet McCarthyism. Early response to the promo has been great, but has also revealed people are getting the wrong opinion of it. They think it's a "fun" book. And, since it's not, we'll be tweaking the promos a bit. We'll keep the retro, but lose the cheese. Thoughts?


Blogger JMRinguet said...

I like that cover! :D

8:59 PM  

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